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How To Worry A Little Less

If worrying consumes a large part of your every day life, you're not alone. Life is full of situations and events that can make you worry and stress, sometimes to an overwhelming extent. Some stress can be good, in a way that it pushes you out of your comfort zone, it pushes you to achieve great things and you become more in tune with how you react to situations and how you can better yourself. Most of the time though, stressing yourself out doesn't help at all.

Overthinking and trying to maintain control over every aspect of your life can be detrimental to your health, so I wanted to share the little things I think about which help me through difficult times and worrying thoughts.

Mecca Max by Mecca Maxima

Mecca Max Mecca Maxima Makeup Review

In my hands this week I'm lucky enough to have the brand new makeup range by Mecca Maxima, called Mecca Max. I was sent a selection of products to try which I was excited about, as it's always interesting to try a new makeup brand to see what it's like and whether it's one I'll keep going back to.

I didn't have any expectations of this range when I first heard about it's release, as I haven't tried any house-brands of retail stores. I assumed it would be similar to Sephora's own label, which I'm yet to try and haven't really heard much about on social media or youtube. It's been hard to miss the new Mecca Max range while scrolling through Instagram though, it's definitely everywhere!

There are so many new products in the range to try, but for now I'll share my thoughts on the ones I have here in front of me which I've been trying out over the past week.

Latest Loves At Sportsgirl

new arrivals Sportsgirl 2017

A few new things I've spotted at Sportsgirl over the last few weeks!