Tuesday, November 25, 2014

HP Bend The Rules of Fashion

Brought to you by Nuffnang and HP

As a fashion blogger you would think my life was purely about clothes and clothes only. Not quite. Every day I challenge myself to make my life more fulfilling, to explore, to expand, to stay true to myself and to do more of what I love. You only have one life, so why not fill it up with as much as you possibly can?

HP have encouraged me to think about how I bend the rules in fashion, and I would have to say through my creativity, through not always following the crowd, and through the love of what I do.

Fashion can be defined by how you dress, the hair on your head, the decor surrounding you or your everyday behaviour. My rule when it comes to fashion is simple - follow what's out there but bend it your own way. Be who you want, wear what you want and say what you want. You don't always have to do what everyone else is doing - bend fashion however you want to make it exactly how you wish to perceive it.

The only rule I have as a blogger is to keep creating, and I bend that daily by incorporating as many aspects of my interests into this one space I have on the internet.

Not only do I live for fashion, I also live for beauty - makeup, perfume, nail polish, and skincare. I live for design - graphics, colour, fonts and coding. I live for wellbeing - food, exercise, mind and spirit. I live every day for inspiration and happiness. There are too many amazing things in this world to let anyone close you in to just one category, if that's not all you want to be.

Fashion isn't just runway trends. Fashion is everywhere. From the products you use to the books you read, the people you see and the music you hear. Every day we choose how to interpret fashion into our daily lives and it's through that choice that we become the unique people that we are.

HP are running a competition to find out how you "Bend The Rules In Fashion". All you have to do is post a pic, tweet or video on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter or Youtube (one will do!) and tag #BendTheRulesAustralia . This can be anything from a mis-matched outfit to what you get up to every day fashion-wise.

There are heaps of spot prizes to be won (eg. Beats Headphones, movie tickets) and the most creative entry will win a HP Envy x2!

Entries close 15th December.
Terms & Conditions

How do you bend the rules?


x Vanessa

Monday, November 24, 2014

Gift Guide | Beach Babe

A few ideas for those who love to get out to the beach. Towels, an amazing candle or a great beach bag can make the perfect gift for the Christmas/Summer season. Moroccanoil is an absolute treat for the hair and a hat is always needed.

x Vanessa


Spring Racing | Forever New Dress

Had a blast at the races on the weekend. Every year it's my boyfriend's "birthday tradition" so this year we went to Randwick. The weather, the music and the company was amazing.

 I wore a dress from Forever New which as soon as I pulled out of the box I was in love. Beautiful bright colours and 100% silk, it just floated along behind me all day. The bag was from Bardot, shoes I got for the races last year and were so comfortable back then because of the thick heels that I decided they'll be my go-to shoes this year as well. Who wants to get stuck in the grass?

We got to the races and back home again using Blacklane - if you need a reliable car service they're incredible - so on time and really nice drivers! If I have an event I always find it's so much easier and enjoyable to be driven there.

 Dress - Forever New / Bag - Bardot / Shoes - Shubar / Rings - Sportsgirl

 x Vanessa

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Friday, November 21, 2014

Arbonne Makeup + Coral Lips Video

Some beautiful new Arbonne products I've been trying out... The blush in "blossom" is an incredible deep coral shade and the makeup primer has turned into an everyday favourite of mine. It smooths out my skin so well and if you're looking for a really good primer I definitely recommend that one. The highlighter creates a really soft glow on the skin and the lipstick is a pretty plum shade.

I used some of these in my latest video above so hope you enjoy!

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x Vanessa

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Gift Guide | Beauty Obsessed

Let the Christmas Guides begin. First up I have options for the girls out there who you know love beauty - one of the above items is sure to put a massive smile on their face. Whether it's for your sister, a friend, your mum, or even yourself! Snap up one of these while the Click Frenzy sales are happening today.

Too Faced Beauty Wishes Sweet Kisses / Real Techniques Your Base Flawless Core Collection
Marc Jacobs 4 piece Miniature Set / GHD Classic Straightener / KORA Organics Holiday Beauty Gift Set
Forever New Brush Set / The Balm Mary Lou Manizer / Victoria's Secret Flavoured Gloss Set

x Vanessa

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Priceline 40% Off Sale

It starts today ladies!


Above are my recommendations to snap up if you can.

Don't know how to tackle it? I'd suggest write a shopping list. Knowing exactly what you're going in (or shopping online for) can really help you from coming out with a bunch of products you probably won't even use.

The most affordable makeup brands where you'll be able to get more bang for your buck would be Essence, Savvy, Australis, Face Of Australia and Rimmel.

x Vanessa


Monday, November 17, 2014

The Best Bed Covers

Finally found where I want to buy a new bed cover. I've been wanting to makeover my bedroom for a while now but I don't want to do it bit by bit - I'd rather purchase everything all at once so I can make sure everything looks perfect as a whole.

Urban Outfitters have such amazing bed covers, I can't believe I've just found them. Shipping is free to Australia for orders over $50 and can take up to 3 weeks so if you're thinking of buying one of these as an Xmas gift I'd get straight onto it.

I've linked each image above to exactly where to shop each one, so enjoy!


x Vanessa

Sunday, November 16, 2014

Rimmel Provocalips Review + Lip Swatches Video

Rimmel have launched their new Provocalips 16HR Kiss Proof Lip Colour range and after testing them all out (watch video above), I am loving these.

Lipstick has always been a little fear of mine - as much as I adore a bit of colour on my lips, I only wear it out if I know I'll have mirrors around and available to check if it's still alive and well. If you can relate... you need to buy one of these. With a great range of colours (just missing a decent nude shade in my opinion) they're all very wearable and they absolutely stay in place.

Application is effortless, just like a lip gloss it applies quickly and easily with an instant hit of colour, shine and moisture. Wait 10 to 20 seconds and the lip colour will set to a transfer proof shade. Apply the second part to the tube and you've got a certain 16 hours of wear.

Perfect for the days you want to throw on a colour and not care about it for the rest of the day, knowing it still looks like you've just applied it. Perfect for those who want to have a fun night out without constant touch ups. And perfect for people like me who think they'll end up with lipstick on teeth / on nose / in food. Once this product is on, it stays on.

Shop them at ASOS or PRICELINE

x Vanessa
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