How To Overcome A Creative Block

Anyone who works (or plays) in a creative industry will be aware of the creative block. Those times when you're stuck for ideas, you can't think, you don't know what to create and you almost forget how to create. You lose all inspiration and the motivation to continue. The thought of being reliant on your creativity to get by becomes so overwhelming that it really gets you down. I've been there... over and over. I have found though, it's always possible to overcome it.

The Beauty Products That Made 2016 Special

best beauty makeup skincare products 2016 Australia

Looking back at the year that was 2016, I tried a lot of new beauty products. Some were great, others just okay, then there were the select few that really made an impact. My top beauty products of 2016 made my year special and I thought you might be interested in trying some of these out this year, if you haven't already!

3 Face Masks You Need To Know About

L'Oreal Paris Pure Clay Face Masks review

Last year I became incredibly addicted to the process of applying a face mask, so much so that it became part of my weekly routine.

Every Friday afternoon was my face mask time, or what I like to call, "Face Mask Friday". There was something so satisfying about applying a mask, chilling out for 15-20 minutes and washing it off to reveal super fresh, clean skin. I really looked forward to my Friday face mask, which kind of marked the ending of a typical "working week" and the beginning of my time to relax. There's no way I'm not taking this routine straight into 2017... it's here to stay.