Zooey oh Zooey

July STYD magazine features Zooey Deschanel as a Hot Right Now actress. I agree =) I think she's gorgeous. She has this zany style and personality you can catch in the movie Failure To Launch with Sarah Jessica Parker. Combining her beautiful black hair with sheer black tights, she has personal style set from top to bottom.

LOVE this headband. You can get it from Diva =)
Wear your hair out and wavy just like the model pictured, carry a tan coloured satchel bag and you're all ready to festival it out!


  1. I love how Zooey has been so persistent with the black opaque tights trend. She's a real style icon, this one...
    I've never bought an issue of STYD, before. Is it good?

  2. Oh, I love hair like that. So cute.

  3. She is awesome. I love that headband but i dont think this trend that i do like would really fit my style.

  4. Hello Vanessa,
    Thank you for visiting. I've added you to my blog roll, as requested.

    Zooey's sister on the TV series "Bones" is pretty too but not as quirky.