If you are in desperate need of clothing/accessories inspiration (like myself) then I have found the perfect venue for you to feast your eyes on.

http://lookbook.nu - LookBook

This blog has amazed me with the copious amount of photos that appear as you scroll down the page. These everyday people from all over the world have incredible style and great photographic skills. What's even better is the way LookBook has categorized posts into types of clothing (skirts, pants, dresses etc.) and the particular countries these people are from. So if you were from.. Australia, you can click on your country and LookBook will show you the photos of people who have stated they are from Australia. Great way to work out what you're up against when you believe you have that extra bit of "style".

What to buy now...
I suggest a pair of high waisted denim shorts. These seem like they're going to be in fashion for quite some time now, being a worthy investment. A faded wash is perfect for summer, whereas a darker denim can be worn with black tights in the cooler months.


  1. Hey! Sure. Your blog looks really professional.

    It's nice to have an Australian blog like this, because usually I fall in love with items (like the high waisted shorts) and then can't even get them (unless I pay ridiculous shipping).

  2. Sure! I've already added you!

    Ta TAhhhh!!!
    Enkha x
    Fashion Birdcage

  3. Would love to swap links.
    Off to add you right now!

  4. Love your blog! I will add you :)

    And I'm with you on the high waisted denim shorts! They are next on my to buy list. Thanks to you, I will check out Supre :)
    They look like a great bargain find!