Magical Gypsy

The transition from Summer into Autumn always seems to be one of awkwardness in terms of what trends to incorporate into your wardrobe. Summer/Autumn 09 has taken a trip into fantasy land with a look that transforms you into a wanderer through fields, valleys and forests. Paisley prints, a clash of colours, studs, sequins, woven headbands, pretty sandals, fringing frills and beads. So basically, just mash everything you've already got in your cupboard together and there you go ;)

Clothing, accessories and images from Dotti, Sportsgirl and Forever New.


  1. i hear ya, i always have fun with trying to decide whether i should be in a cotton or wool. love the gyspy though

  2. Beautiful picks. I love this style, and your blog!

    I've just started my own blog and would love you to check it out and maybe we can swap link..


  3. hye love this blog, do you make the collages of fashion images yourself??

  4. yep I make the collages myself :)
    glad you like it.