Abbey Lee Kershaw

Abbey Lee Kershaw model Girlfriend magazine

Abbey Lee Kershaw model runway

Abbey Lee Kershaw model backstage

Abbey Lee Kershaw model runway show

Abbey Lee Kershaw is one of my favourite models. Her face is just beautiful, and I love the natural colour of her hair. Whenever Girlfriend Magazine chooses their Model Search winner or even some of the finalists, at first I always think hmmmmmm. It's not until these lucky ones start working that I see what they're capable of and then I definately think WOW.

My Top 5 Models
Gemma Ward
Sasha Pivovarova
Chanel Iman
Abbey Lee Kershaw
Jessica Stam

I hate that Gemma isn't modelling anymore. But I guess she had an amazing career, she's had enough and is more interested in having a life. That's exactly the reason I quit dancing after 15 years. It was just... my time.

pictures from TFS

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  1. Abbey Lee Kershaw is my fav. for shur, but the other ones are up there!!!!.. completely agree with your selections. wow do i wish i looked like them!