The Wild Side

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This season I'm into the whole "just stepped glamorously out of the jungle" look with animal prints, feathers, fur and lace up boots. I'm trying to find a pair of black combat boots that are under $100. I'm not one to spend big $$ on anything really.. I'd much rather buy more for less. Leopard print has been catching my eye for a while now, and I'd also love to buy a pair of new Bonds grey trackies. I've seen them around and they look super comfy.

Clothing and Accessories from Sportsgirl, Dotti, Topshop, Payless Shoes, Diva & General Pants Co.

Took a trip to Sydney last week to escape reality for a few days. Sydney has to be my favourite place to go, I just love it. I stayed on the 72nd floor of Meriton World Tower Apartments (with the best view EVER) and got to experience the Vivid Live festival, with random places throughout the city lit up with coloured lights.


  1. i wanted combat boots but didnt wanna spend that much either !
    but i just bought those payless shoes for $40 on sale, and theyre super comfyyyy
    and i change the lace colours around with spare laces i have, looks mad

  2. oh I wish I could find those Payless Shoes ones in my size :(

  3. Love your styling in these compilations babe!