Floral Dressing

Since moving to Sydney with all my winter clothes - jackets, scarves, long pants, socks and mittens - I have found the weather to be quite HOT. Well, not hot, but Sydney is definitely not as cold as where I came from. I could almost be walking around in shorts and tees having people think I'm crazy, but I'm trying to adapt to the weather here in the most appropriate way possible.

As winter clothes are useless to me now, I've been preparing for spring. A cute floral dress can be worn alone, paired up with tights, a cardi or a jacket. I have a couple in my wardrobe now and I think I'll be wearing them a lot.

<-- Just a few things I bought today. The dress is from Cotton On, the shoes Rubi Shoes, and the bag on sale at Sportsgirl.

-Sportsgirl heart watch
-Floral shorts
-A volunteer spot at RSFF
-Utility pants
-A new job
-Shield ring
-Cream brogues (done)
-Teen Vogue Handbook (on its way!)

-A caramel latte


  1. I can't wait till spring and summer. I fail in winter. I want to wear pretty dresses worn with cute tights and OTK socks and brogues!!

  2. I love floral dresses, they're so cute and pretty:)lately i been having a habit of buying too much floral stuff tho, lol. Btw, love that bag!!!

  3. lusting the shoes and boots pictured!! and the flowered dress is perfect for summer.. I really like Alba's!


  4. You have a nice dress.