Pretty In Pink

A few weeks ago I went into a Forever New store in the Sydney CBD and there was a sales assistant who had the most vibrant red hair and amazing style. She mixed pale pinks with black lace tights and striking black boots. I couldn't stop staring because she just looked so out there and incredible. Seeing her sparked a thought in me that you can really put any colours, textures and different trends together and make it look great if you carry it with confidence and flare.

I'm moving to Sydney today. Seeing all my clothes in a pile on the floor makes me realise what colours I'm into wearing. There is a heap of red, grey and black. I think I want to start buying prettier things like those pictured above. Change it up a bit once winter is over.

Any fashion lovers (preferably in Sydney) out there, please follow me on Twitter and I will follow you back.  It's great to keep up with people who have the same interests as me :)

Clothing and Accessories from Sportsgirl, Bardot and Dotti.


  1. omg,i luv the peachy pink look,so cute:) and btw, great blog!!! fab fashion pics. check out my blog if u ever get the chance:D cheers!

  2. Wow - loving the layouts. Fantastic site!

  3. Hey :D
    I quite like your blog as it is so many-sided.
    Are you interested in a link-exchange??


    See you, Sabrina. >>

  4. Love the socks! Which shop are they from? x Sushi