Spring Essentials at Sportsgirl

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Although I'm currently braving the freezing cold weather Winter has brought to my hometown, the prospect of Spring fashion is exciting. I would never have thought I would want to own a pair of clogs, but since seeing the Chanel Spring/Summer collection on the catwalk, these shoes are the next big thing to be seen on our feet. This coming season will bring neutral and blush tones, dark floral and lace, mixed with sweet polka dots and utility pants.
I'm off to find a lace bodysuit today! I remember seeing one left in my size in Sportsgirl the other day, but there's a slim chance that it will still be there. We shall see :) Outfit post coming up on Sunday.

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  1. They are all very cute! I have never heard of Sportsgirl - is it strictly in Austrailia? Because they have some nice stuff.

  2. Yeah Sportsgirl is just in Australia :) But they do ship internationally on their site. It's my favourite shop ever. I want everything from there :)