Fashion Festival Fever

Rosemount Sydney Fashion Festival is now officially over for the year. I had an amazing time and got to see quite a few famous faces - Jen Hawkins, Erin McNaught, Samantha Harris, Alex Perry, Ruby Rose, Camilla Franks, Giaan Rooney, Gala Gonzalez and Nacho Pop. A few more snaps above from my iphone of a few shows and their rehearsals... I really need to buy a camera! I think my new label love would have to be Romance Was Born, and the best show of the week was Camilla Franks Babylon collection. It's weird being all over now.. back to my uni work I go.


  1. Must of been exciting working behind the scenes. I was out the front with my camera. Like me, I am sure you are exhausted after your busy week. Wasn't it great


  2. these were taken from your iphone??! ummm.. they actually look pretty good to me! must of been an amazing and crazy week for you!!

    love it!

    x Your Only Blackswan

  3. how I wish i could be like them. . .I am dreaming of becoming a model. Hope so soon and glad to meet the runway:0