Style Overhaul

Since moving to Sydney, I have been bombarded with intense, crazy fashion ensembles that have lead me to review the clothes in my wardrobe, and I guess I've realised how plain and ordinary everything I own is. In the past few weeks my whole outlook on fashion has changed, therefore I decided to give myself a complete style overhaul. I had a good think about how I could mix up my personal style while still staying true to who I am and what I love - nothing too crazy.

I came up with the idea of a stylebook. Flipping through magazines and snipping out every picture my eyes were drawn to. In doing this, a style pattern emerged. Laying out all the pictures on the floor of my bedroom, I was quite surprised. All of the pictures I had cut out meshed together in some way to create this collage combining tribal, rock, relaxed, wild and edgy inspiration. Right now everything is still on my floor, but I plan on sticking the pictures into an art book, and constantly adding to it. This project has made my future shopping trips so much easier - I finally know what I'm looking for to build an awesome wardrobe. I dare you to try it. You'll be shocked with the fashion vision that's in that creative mind of yours.

Clothing and Accessories from Topshop, Sportsgirl and General Pants Co.

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  1. i've done the same. i started a few years ago and i'm still working on it! i'm working on my 2nd scrapbook now. slightly addictive and makes everything a lot easier!x