Sweet Floral

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This style-up leaves me smiling with joy. Floral anything is just plain pretty and screams chilling in the park on a swing with your ipod blaring blissful tunes. Team pale florals with khaki, beige and dreamy denim. Add in rose, lilac or leaf-green prints with sweet accessories for that "fresh out of winter" look.

Clothes and Accessories from Sportsgirl & General Pants Co.

I'm starting to love going to college every day. I get to meet the nicest people, express my view on things and sip on coffee as I work. Right now I'm loving the summery-coloured nail polish you can see worn by the girls throughout season four of The Hills, stacking on bracelets, animal prints & feathers as well as this super cute watch I found at QVB Sportsgirl - there's a stack on the counter.


  1. I love all this floral!


  2. ohhh that denim vest is amazing! LOVE!

    been looking through your blog posts and I like the way you have created a little mood board/fashion mix related to each theme, especially with easy-access brands.

    hope your move to Sydney will be a wonderful experience!

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    Come by for a visit or follow too!

    x Your Only Blackswan