Wardrobe Staples

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Every year we are constantly adding to our wardrobes, random piece after random piece. I myself am quite sick of buying things that stand alone and don't fit in with items I already own. From this point onwards, I want to build a foundation of clothes. Tops and bottoms that can be mixed and matched to create a unique and stylish outfit every day. These staple pieces can be embellished with bold accessories and trend items to keep up with what's in right now. They are bound to save you your hard-earned $$$ and there will be much less hassle when getting dressed every day.

| black blazer | tees in grey, white & black | perfect-fit jeans | relaxed pants | LBD | cami | basic flats | heels |

Clothing and Accessories from Topshop, General Pants Co., Sportsgirl, Dotti, Rubi Shoes

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