Dip Dyed Hair and Maxi Skirts

Abbey Lee Kershaw model maxi skirt style

It's now at the stage that wherever you go, you're bound to see a maxi skirt. These lovelies are super comfortable, easy to wear, ultra cool and feminine. For a boho look that's a bit different this season, lengthen those hems and cover up the legs. Make like Abbey Lee in a long skirt in sheer or printed fabric.
I missed the memo on dip dyed hair last summer, so as soon as summer holidays come around this time, I'd love to give it a go. Just need to pick a colour and buy a spray can of hair colour. I don't think I'm too set on going permanent just yet.



  1. yes, the maxi skirt is on its way to becoming the new skirt which reflecting more feminine side of women.
    dyed hair is gonna be perfect for boho look too :)


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  3. I wish I could find some decent maxis for shorter girls... Alas, none to be found where I live...
    Definitely want to try the dip dyed hair!!!
    Any hair coloring is definitely going to be me this summer!

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