Ripped Shorts & Stone Pendants

ripped denim shorts cutoffs style inspiration
stone pendants inspiration

Two things I'm completely obsessed with right now are ripped denim shorts and stone point pendants. Today I bought one pendant in rose quartz (supposed to provide healing of the heart) and one in onyx (protection & birthstone for Leo). I think I've always been a bit of a hippie at heart - into everything magical and dreamy. I need to find a store that sells dreamcatchers, as buying one online seems wrong and not authentic enough. If anyone has any suggestions of where I can find one, please let me know.


  1. goodness, the ripped shorts!
    and is that gemma from fade to black on the 2nd pic?
    i love her so much and your choices as well.

  2. Cool! The best way to wear this look is a bit on the baggy side so it's not coming off a hoochie. Awesome blog!!

  3. shorts number 3 need to be mind. I can never find vintage jeans that are quite that fit though! gah.
    and don't start me on crystals! after exams i'm going to bulk buy them on ebay and bask in their awesomness xxx

  4. Definitely with you on the baggy shorts front. Now if only people sold stone pendants like these in S Louisiana...

  5. Love your style!
    Where is that gorgeous skeleton-bracelet from?!