Summer Checklist

Two months away and we'll hit the summer season in style mixing the hippie 70s with ripped denim, soft whites, radiant prints and accessories that resemble a tribal, global-travelling gypsy. It's mashing up anything eclectic with a summer vibe. Below is my summer style & soul checklist.

straw hats, messy hair, bracelets, feathers, road trips, braids, ripped denim, sunsets, long skirts, waves, dream catchers, turquoise, magic, sleeping, pendants, hippie bags, beaded sandals, chunky knits, breezy nights, tie dye, moccasins, tied up tops, fringing, lilac nails, crochet, bright eyes, markets, sunshine, beach, tanning, music festivals, animal print, espadrilles, mangoes, tribal rings.

I'm back at college until December, can't wait until xmas. My internship at Bec & Bridge is finishing up next week. I've had a great three months there and now I'm looking to move on to some new and exciting things.


  1. noooooo i'm in NY and now all i want is summer! haha! beautiful post i want it all right now! love the braids and feathers and boho :) following

  2. love all the pictures!
    and your blog is cute as well :D


  3. the fringe dress!
    absolutely the fringe dress!
    i love your choices!
    love your blog too.

  4. I love all the feathers and the whole boho look and I absolutely love your blog :)

  5. this is the perfect summer inspiration. i am obbsessing over feathers, braids, dream catchers, fringing, ripped shorts, crochet and like evveerrythiiinngg in this post; i want it ALL haa. and ahh, sun, beach, surf, tan - bring on summer already! x

  6. Amazing blog and its like reading a style bible! Loving it. Justyna xx

  7. Loving the feathers and bathing suit!!
    Can't wait for summer to hit Louisiana!