Latest Buys

Here are a few things I've bought lately, online and in store.

Books - Lauren Conrad Style, Teen Vogue Handbook, Nylon Street View
Jewellery - cross necklace, moon necklace, cross earrings - all Fashionology
Pendants - rose quartz and black onyx point pendants
Clothes - tie dye singlet, crochet/tie dye vest, white crochet vest, silver sequin vest

Still waiting on the Kelly Cutrone book "If You Have To Cry, Go Outside", "Sugar and Spice" by Lauren Conrad, and this cool boho ear cuff to arrive in the mail.
Summer and xmas are getting closer! Just today I bought a coffee from Gloria Jeans and the takeaway cup had a Christmas design. It seemed odd... but I guess it's less than two months away!


  1. Love Lauren Conrad's books. Haven't bought Sugar & Spice yet, but meaning to. Love the photos on this post.

  2. I have the teen vouge handbook, it's really good and I love your blog :)

  3. Wow, I love your style! The necklaces are gorgeous.

  4. ahhh all those cropped tie dye & crochet vests i neeed right now!!! and crystal bullet necklaces <3