Those Hazy Days

Longing for the summer holidays to come around so I can spend those lazy days in the sun. Being a student now I don't have to worry about working through my time off. It's such a wonderful thought. Having absolutely nothing to do.

Coloured fur, big tshirts, leather bracelets, crazy textures, tribal beads, relaxed shorts, sleeping with the fan on, bare feet, head scarves, long messy wavy hair, markets, sitting at the beach, and just chilling.


  1. loooove the second picture and the white decorated room :)


  2. AHAH!
    I knew I couldn't be the only one who constantly drew tribal designs and tattoos with sharpie all up their arms and legs as an accessory!

  3. okay well this post is just full of all the hippy summery shit i'm loving right now! long messy pastel streaked hair and amazing jewelry & bedrooms. summer, can't wait x