Beach Walking

Denim, stripes and crisp white. Boots or wedges, throw on any shoe this summer. Accessorize this season with white watches, crystal pendants and anything turquoise.

I'm looking out the window right now and the sky is immensely blue, the sun is shining, and all in all it's just a beautiful day in Sydney. I'm inside blogging away for Sanna Shoes, check out my new posts. Last week I attended a launch party for Antoine+Stanley. Guy Sebastian was the amazing guest performer who is an incredibly good live singer.
Last day of uni for the year tomorrow! Just have to pop in to class to hand in an assignment then I'm done. 

Clothing and Accessories from Sportsgirl and General Pants.


  1. denim and stripes are perfect for summer!
    love your choices!

  2. I LOVE anything turquoise! I have something turquoise with every outfit these days :)

    great style choices hun!

    alexis xo