How To Wear Colour

how to wear colour style fashion clothing

Hello colour. Every magazine in front of you right now will be telling you it's time to embrace colour into your wardrobe, but how to begin? Embracing the bold splash of colour is quite easy really. Choose one piece of colour to wear, whether it be a shirt, a skirt or even a bag. Team with neutrals, denim, leather, cream, white or grey (basically anything that's not colourful) and there you have it. If you happen to be extra daring, try two articles of coloured clothing or accessories at once. Try to pick two colours that aren't next to each other on the colour wheel so you don't end up in a colour clashing mess.
... now get colouring! :)

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  1. lovelovelove this huge colourful collage!!
    the red lace bra, offshoulder sweater and gorgeous leather shorts are on my wishlist :)


  2. i'm not a huge fan of colours, but that looks cool!

    Nici from

  3. can you please tell me where the leather shorts and denim vest are from :)