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Gillian Zinser style street icon
Gillian Zinser style street
I don't watch 90210, but I have taken notice of Gillian Zinser's effortless style. Her bohemian, California-girl outfits are made up of printed dresses and pants, bright colours, band tees & singlets and the perfect accessories to match. As you can see, she rocks a leather jacket to perfection, and here's where I'll go on a bit of a leather jacket rant.
This coming winter is all about the Aviator jacket. Black or brown leather with a shearling trim, you'll see a version of this jacket in every store you walk into. I'm all for trends and for making them your own, but when I see a particular item absolutely everywhere and on absolutely everyone, it just turns me off it.

This winter I'm going to get the perfect leather jacket. A black leather jacket will always be in style. It's classic, simple, and can go with almost anything. A good leather jacket is worth investing a lot of money in. You know you're going to wear it to death. have a brilliant range of leather jackets for women.


  1. o gosh, i love zillian so much.
    she is now one of my icons.
    i cant describe how much i love her style.

  2. Biggest babe. Just love how she wears whatever the hell she wants and looks amazing and seems so down to earth and surfs and uses a pink sharpie to put steaks in her hair before an event and yeah she is a major inspiration!

  3. Man I love her style. What an effortlessly cool babe.

  4. To be honest I'm not feeling the clothes so much. However, I would kill for hair like hers!

  5. Gosh, her style looks so effortless but yet sooo neat :)