Inspiring Room Design

Here's a bit of roomspiration for today. I've just moved into a little studio apartment of my own and I'm in the process of getting furniture and decorating it up. Obviously you can't do much with a rented studio, but it's always nice to look at pictures like the ones above and dream.


  1. gorgeous photos!!

  2. It's so weird but the first pic is my favourite but that's because it is practically just a wardrobe.

    The 2nd and 3rd pic REALLY reminds me of the room in Easy A which is awesome. I wish I could have rooms like these. =(

  3. Vanessa, I have no doubt you will make your place look fabulous :) These rooms are small but wonderful. Please post pics so we can see when you're finish decorating. Can't wait...

  4. oOoo I love the room inspiration! Thanks for entering the comp! Good luck!

    You going to RAFW?