Model Style - Freja Beha Erichsen

One of my favourite models has to be Freja Beha Erichsen. The carefree attitude, earrings, effortless dark style, "float" tattoo and general amazingness puts her at the top of my list. She wears black to perfection - leather jackets, jumpers, tees, boots, skinnies and bags. It's easy to recreate her look. Keep everything sleek and simple and add effect through rustic silver jewellery, skull prints and messy hair.
Clothing and Accessories from General Pants, Topshop, Alexander Wang, Polyvore, Sportsgirl and Fashionology.


  1. Love leather jackets and black skinny jeans. Can't go wrong with these 2 things.

  2. I like her style a little bit dark!

  3. Gahhh i love your blog so much! I actually have that topshop top, its too good!

    following :)

    <3 Olivia