Behind The Scenes at MARKET HQ

Yesterday I decided to be a very annoying fly on the wall, or maybe more of a bug... to give you all a behind the scenes look into my current place of internshipness: MarketHQ. The office of this online store is filled with hardworking individuals who slog out the long hours (it ain't no 9-5 job) to bring the most awesome brands to the computer screen for your purchasing pleasure.
There are racks of newly arrived pieces and tonnes of colourful vintage finds, a little wrapping area to get all your parcels ready to go, mood boards, photos and funtimes galore.
I spent most of my time yesterday in the photoshoot room with the talented super stylist Bel, the beautiful model Alicia, amazing photographer Kaycie, and last but not least, guest stylist Jessica Stein from Tuula Vintage!
The girls were flying through look after look at lightning speed, fired up on mixed lollies.
I tried to be as inconspicuous as possible, but probably didn't quite achieve that. I copped some evil glares, some "why are you taking my picture" looks, and some "VANESSAAAAAAAA NOOOOOOO"s but it was all worth it haha. Funny morning. Enjoy the snaps!

All pics taken by me.


  1. These are such incredibly amazing pictures!!! Love them all especially the detail shots.

  2. aw my love! the post looks amaze!!!! and no, you were no intrusion at all promise! we love having all of you girls around at anytime you wish - we are a drop in centre! hhaha. LOVE the shots! We will def use them and credit you back!

    Much love and thanks so much for the kind words! xxxx

  3. LOVE behind the scenes shots! You did a fabbb job of sharing some great pics! :)

    the sydney girl

    p.s. Just letting you know I have a giveaway going on if you're interested! X

  4. this looks like such a fun job!! so glad i found your blog, following!!

    xx Kelli