Fashion Weekend Sydney

Fashion Weekend Sydney event

Today I spent several hours in the craziness that was Fashion Weekend Sydney. I'm not the kind of girl who's into the mix of loud thumping music, people everywhere, and the frantic pushing between racks of clothes to find something wonderful, but for any fashion-loving girl who loves to shop, Fashion Weekend is definitely the place to be. All your favourite labels have their own little store with massive sales and it's the chance to see labels in a store-format that you would usually only see at the markets or online.

I spent the afternoon with the amazing MarketHQ girls amongst the racks of Evil Twin, MinkPink, Staple, Somedays Lovin', Kuku and Harvey. I was style snapping anyone I could see that had something interesting going on with their outfit. I've never done this before, so it was a little awkward randomly asking people for their photo, but everyone said yes so that was a plus.

I managed to get around to some other stores and I was so very happy when I found Miss Brown Vintage. I am obsessed with everything I see from this label in the little section they have in General Pants, so to discover racks and racks of amazingly coloured shirts, dresses, flannos, skirts, crochet, sequins and leather... I was in awe.
Other stores that I adored were Something Else and The Cassette Society. There was one store called Love Story owned by a lady who sells theee most amazing fur. She doesn't have an online store but you can catch her at the Bondi Markets. 
 All images taken by me :)


  1. Looks like so much fun... bright smiles and colors!

    So cool that you found me on IFB! Come visit my blog and tell me if you heart...


  2. I adore these shiny shoes!!!!


  3. Great post Vanessa!

    Thanks so much for coming by and shooting up some amazing pics for us!


  4. Looks like an amazing experience! RAWF really up-ed it's game this year, it seems. Love the folks over at Market HQ as well- they're such lovely sponsors.

  5. This looks like soo much fun! I wish we had a fashion weekend in T.O. And the photography is super cooool :)


  6. Amazing pics =)
    thanks for being my friend on IFB !