The Lovely Things In Life

A bit of weekend inspiration. Things that have been making me smile:
Coffee with friends, vintage jumpers & cardigans, reading in bed, that time of the evening when the sun has just dipped below the horizon, autumn leaves, walking around the house in a blanket, a beautiful breakfast, button-up shirts, baking biscuits, random conversations about nothing in particular, soup and toast, Moroccan inspired pieces, remembering my days in the country when I used to just jump in my car and drive, and sunsets behind silhouettes.

I love living so close to my uni now that I can jump out of bed at the last minute and run down the road to class. This term I have a styling class, learning the ins and outs of this profession. Styling intrigues me. It's easy to think that as a stylist you just grab some clothes and throw them on a model and you're done, but SO much more goes into it than that. My teacher is a stylist for The X Factor. He seems to know what he's talking about and is the kind of person who just "tells it like it is", so it's one class I definitely look forward to every week.