My Vintage Jumpers

I would like to introduce you to my little vintage jumper collection. I've been a little obsessed with vintage shopping lately. I like that for the price of one new jumper I can get 5 cool jumpers that nobody else will be walking around in. I've had so much trouble for the past few weeks deciding what to wear when I wake up dead in the morning so I found that throwing on a big jumper with leggings or tights+shorts and a statement necklace is the easiest thing ever.

If you're looking for knitwear, then you should check out the collection that they have at Visit the website to find out more.

1 comment

  1. I have a (or two) statement ring(s). I wear it everyday.
    Well, we have same shoe-zone. My life is about flats, Nike, and Converse.
    You have many jumpers! I'm Indonesian, a tropic country. I am very easy to be sweaty so I wear shirt a lot.

    Love to read your blog,