The Simple Grey Sweater

Take a simple grey sweater and pair it with leather pants, an easy maxi skirt, or shorts in leather, lace or satin, for one of the best everyday looks going around. Add a touch of leopard, a cute hat, awesome boots, lennon sunnies and if you're a dreamer like me (or exceptionally lucky), an Alexander Wang bag.

 Today I ran down the road (actually no, I was dragging my feet) to Rubi Shoes, hoping to find a great pair in the 50% off sale they have going on. No luck... so I ran back up the road (actually no, I was really dragging my feet) to a local vintage shop to see if I could find a clutch, because if you've seen my posts lately there is an obsession there.. and I found an awesome one for $12! Going home to Wagga this week for a bit so I'll get some outfit posts going I think :)

Hope you're all having a great weekend.

Clothing and Accessories from Sportsgirl, General Pants, MarketHQ and Polyvore.


  1. weeeeeeee this post be so rad. the ultimate winter wardrobe builder yet I do not even own one what what! I'm going to copy this post into my brain and look out for a perfect slightly worn, marle and fluffy looking next week x x x

  2. This post is fantastic. We looove it ! We are following you now!

  3. Ohh I like that second one...Cute post!!

    p.s following you!

  4. Love your tips about styling a grey sweater. I was actually about to throw out a grey jumper because I was soooo bored with it and my usual 'uniform' of jeans and jumper. You've given us some inspiration to create new outfits! Thank-you!
    Delia from 'What Should I'

  5. lovey knitwear, its soft and warm ;D


  6. You always have the most gorgeous collages! Me LOVES! XXX