Take Me On A Magic Carpet

The Magic Carpet Oversize Shirt by MINKPINK is an amazing piece. The colours, pattern and overflowing fabric all combine into one magical, mystical cape-style top. Make like Aladdin, dance in the dark, or put a 70's spin on it.

I am in love with my Bec & Bridge ring. The girls gave it to me as a gift when I finished my internship there and I've been wearing it like crazy ever since. The combination of silver and gold means I can mix it up with whatever jewellery I decide to wear.

You can get a Magic Carpet Oversize Shirt from MarketHQ HERE.

“Magic is believing in yourself, if you can do that, you can make anything happen.”


  1. Love this outfit!! I didn't know that you finished interning! :(

  2. You look GREAT! I love those shorts!!