Anja Konstantinova

When I heard Anja Konstantinova was to be the model on the latest lookbook shoot for Mad Love, I immediately googled the name, knowing I'd heard of it before. Anja's striking face popped up and I realised I've seen her all over Tumblr. Besides having her own Tumblr page, people have been reblogging her face like crazy. Whether it's photos of her out with friends, on the runway and backstage at RAFW, lookbook images, or selfies from a webcam, Anja is everywhere.

As soon as I got to the Mad Love shoot, Anja stood out a mile. Sitting cross-legged on a chair having her bleach blonde hair put into rollers, she looked very model-off-duty in a long black sweater, black leggings, takeaway coffee in hand and magazine on her lap.
She has just finished up shooting a number of lookbooks including Maurie & Eve and Harvey, and is now off to New York to pursue even more amazing things.

Anja Konstantinova is one of those girls I wish I was friends with. 
She seems awesome x1000.


  1. I love her, especially her freckles and tattoos :)

    --Megan//The Martian Tide

  2. Vanessa - your blog is super amazing and this post and those pictures are so fab. She is a beautiful girl who takes stunning pictures - so innocent! Great post :) xx Justyna

  3. Such a beautiful blog, I love the layout and style! This is a lovely post- the images are great!

    -ellenor marie

  4. love these photographs of anja! so glad you came to the shoot xx

  5. she is really gorgeous as for me she is perfect!!