Batz or Catz?

This dress is one of my very first Mad Love pieces. The Batz or Catz print on the front is insane and had me randomly saying "batz or catz" all day while I flew around like a bat cat. Obsessed. All Mad Love pieces are made out of pre-shrunk, pre-washed, bamboo cotton jersey. For someone like me who knows nothing about fabric composition, I made it a point to remember that fact. When you get the chance to try on a piece from this label, you'll find out why...

Spent the day with my sister, mainly at the movies. Saw Glee 3D which was quite amazing but the costumes were really unappealing and uninteresting... I guess that was intentional? Also I made myself go to the last Harry Potter. I've read every book and seen every other movie, even though these last few movies I've really been losing track of what's happening... so I thought I may as well finish it off. It was good! 


  1. LOVE this outfit, perfect. I love that you shop at "normal" affordable shops too. Love your style.

  2. What a edgy, cool ouft! fabulous :-)xxx

  3. What a funny dress, I too love the wild print on the bat/cat!

    --Megan//The Martian Tide

  4. haha, that dress is so fun! i wore an all-black outfit yesterday, sometimes you just need some blackness :)