Door 121 High Summer Press Showing

Yesterday I managed to fit a gazzilion activities into one day, and the first one was a visit to Door 121 to preview high summer collections. I was definitely blown away. The strong use of colour, whether brights, pastels or greys stood out as soon as I entered the room. Although the clothes were brilliant, I had many hearts floating above my head for all the accessories on show. My absolute favourite has to be MY SECRET AGENT LOVER MAN. See the little skulls, crosses and beads above? They're bringing on the piratetreasure tribalvibe and I am in love. I want one of those necklaces so badly.
Mirror mirror on the wall, who were the most colourful of them all? GORMAN for sure. Their collection is one big calypso party and I want in.
With fringed bags, block colour, sequins, beading, tulle, crystals and jewels... Door 121 was a fashion fairytale land for a day and I loved getting a preview of these exciting collections on their way.

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