Summer at The Wonderland

Earlier this week I popped into The Wonderland to have a look at SS11/12 collections from Elliatt, Mad Love, Toi Et Moi, State Of Georgia and Joveeba, along with Thread People vintage and Breo watches. Bright colours and pastels, bold prints and intricate detailing were the standout themes in the showroom. I loved Joveeba's knots, braids and pretty colours. Toi Et Moi's new collection is reflective of its usual Parisian brilliance with bold red and blue, stripes, weaving and French script. State Of Georgia is bright, fun and gorgeous to the max. And obviously I could go on all day about Mad Love...
My write-up on Thread People is right over here, and Breo have some pretty awesome watches going... if you're running hectic all over the place its a bit of a must-do to get one of these babies on your wrist.
A shout out to The Wonderland girls who are insanely nice and the absolute best at keeping me up to date with what's going on. xx


  1. i want the hot pink watch at the second racks. actually i have many plan to buy watch like this, but i have no more money. ahhh, too bad.

    have a great weekend.

    love, diny

  2. Does the store have an online boutique? I live in Pennsylvania... Fun stuff!!!

  3. Interested in the online boutique as well! The clothes look gorgeous and quite a few would team perfectly with my new stylish leather sandals