Lara Bingle Style

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I love Lara Bingle's style. So simple, chic and minimalist. Blacks, whites and greys. Sandals, brogues and heels. Tanks, tees and dresses. Layered with a blazer, leather jacket or a statement accessory. Comfortable, relaxed-fit pieces. Life would be so much easier if I could dress like her. What is the secret to being so amazing?? I'd really like to know.


  1. She does have great style, and for some reason she always has perfect dishevelled hair. Damn her.

    x Maybel

  2. where is the denim dress, the black dress (next to it, the hat and the brown bag from in the polyvore? ohh i love her too!

  3. beyond incredible.
    her day-to-day wear is the most inspirational.
    she pulls off everything so effortlessly! x.

  4. ohhhh i just found her, and this is lovely!