Mad Love || Anja Konstantinova

I am madly in love with Mad Love. From the first shoot back in April to the high summer shoot I attended recently, the label has been stuck on my mind like crazy and has left me wishing for summer. Yes.... since April. I guess that's the annoying thing about delving into the fashion industry.. you're always living in the future with the completely wrong season in mind. Right for fashion, wrong for reality.
What I love about this collection (and the previous) is the awesome prints. From heart faces to "bat catz", raccoons, skulls, dreamcatchers and mexican men... they're all just fantastic.
Mad Love's high summer collection is called White Dreams, and will drop into stores in October.
(p.s. Mad Love w/ Anja video also on its way so keep checking back!)

Model - Anja Konstantinova
Photographer - Bec Lorrimer
Hair & Makeup - Tara Airlie
Styling - Mercy Watson & Mad Love team

All photos above taken by me


  1. the prints are amazing! (:

  2. These photos are great Vanessa!
    And this photoshoot must of been so much fun. :)

  3. Amazing shots, and looks like such a fun shoot.

    A x

  4. So pretty. All the clothes are amazing and great pictures!


  5. I love your photos of the day!
    Hopefully see you around sometime again soon, it was lovely to meet you.


    P.s I saw that you have your own creepers now, HELL YEAH!

  6. You've really captured the excitement of the shoot and Anya is such a beautiful model to work with!xx

  7. Hi! I've just accepted u as a IFB friend :)
    passed by your blog and I love it!! amazing pictures, really inspiring!!

  8. Wow, these pictures are great! I love behind the scenes shots!

  9. absolutly love your blog, just had a look through right to some of your older posts, keep it the great photos!!


  10. really nice! anja seems to suit the clothes so well, and i like the styling a lot :) your photos give a cool look at behind the scenes x