New Label - ELLIATT

I would like to introduce you to ELLIATT, a new Australian label about to make its debut in September. Designed by Katie Pratt, the label is made up of special pieces that are luxurious to the eye. Every piece is uniquely designed incorporating forward and emerging trends with an Elliatt touch. I had a chance to look through the upcoming collections from this label, and I was intrigued by the detail in every piece. With pleating, embroidery, sequins, feathers, polka dots, jewels and a variety of prints and colours, it's hard to see how so many design elements could be evident in one label... though when you flip through the lookbook and see the collection in person, it all works together perfectly. Above are some of my favourite pieces from the first collection to drop. I will always be obsessed with the many ways something special can be created in black, and I am starting to lean towards adding a mustard yellow piece to my wardrobe. The black Death Addar dress top right is the prettiest thing ever..

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