An explosion of colour is conquering the fashion world at this present moment in time. I love the idea of mixing jewel tones with black. Amethyst, emerald, citrine, sapphire and ruby. Pleats, buckles and fabric with a satin sheen to it.
So jealous of the Aus blogger girls who are floating around New York right now. Bet they're having an absolute blast and shopping up a storm. The only thing that can comfort me now is the fact that Topshop will be here at the end of the year. I feel like saving every penny until the doors open so I can go mental. So very very looking forward to it.

Clothing and Accessories from Topshop (mainly), Sportsgirl, and Polyvore.


  1. I'm loving the bright colours, so bold, so brave. x

  2. Bold Pink, orange. yellow. green and royal + sparks of black + such a new, fresh look this fall. xo

  3. I tip my hat to everyone in the photos above. Pulling off colour blocking well is not the easiest thing. I mostly stick to one or two pops of colour, but am gradually adding to that number--this gives me some inspiration... Thanks for sharing it with us.

  4. such a great post! very interesting to see different people's take on colour-blocking

    x Lauren

  5. Topshop? Well, nice step i guess. If I were you, I'll start save my money too. Too bad that I am not at your town, even your country. Ha!
    yea, i like this-color-blocking-trend. so fetch!

    love, diny