An Ethereal Escape

Two of my favourite Evil Twin pieces. I've worn that shirt over and over and over. With jeans or shorts, you can wear it open over a tank or buttoned-up on its own. Long, comfy and oversized, it was the perfect tran-seasonal piece and will do me wonders through summer.

I find it really odd that I love this colour so much. It was the colour of my primary school uniform, so when I left there I swore I'd never wear maroon again. These days I can't get enough of it.


  1. Maybe it's because it reminds you of yourself as a child. Even in troubled times children seem to be the best at rising above difficult situations. I had to wear royal blue most of my elementary school years and I love that colour even now. It's hard not to love, though! And so is maroon, really. Gorgeous collage, btw.

  2. I love that colour too :) Great pics!

  3. love the shoes!
    those dresses are too beautiful not to wear, even if they remind you of school!


  4. I have a shirt just like that. My favourite way to wear it at the moment is to tie a knot in the back to wear it cropt with a vest underneath. Mines is beige, unfortunately im far to pale for plum.

    Zoe x

  5. Hi, I was surfing the net looking for fascinators worn during the last Melbourne Cup when I bumped into your blog, which I really like.

    Just wondering if you Australians might like my Spanish fascinators, now that you are enjoying Spring, which means weddings time!



  6. Great post! Very inspiring photos you have here - love those glittery shoes and that delish raspberry dessert!!! yummmm

    I like that Maroon color. Your uniform was in maroon? seems like a stylish color. My uniform was hideous! Looked like some kinda cheerleader outfit. It was white and had the choice between blue or red vertical stripes at the bottom!!! lol


  7. Hi Vanessa!

    I just discovered your blog and I literally read it from start to the end 0 to your very first post. I absolutely love what you do with your blog. Please don't stop!!

    x LH

  8. Your blog is so freaking inspiring. love love love it.

  9. I'm loving the shoes and that grey skirt! super cute.

  10. the close ups are amazing!

  11. what mesmerizing photos. please post some more :)
    follow each other?


  12. Such fantastic inspiration....need that shirt!

    A x