Red, Blue & Silver

I've been a little obsessed with Alexa Chung lately. The haircut, the legs for days, the awesome personality.
I'm at that stage where I can't decide whether to grow my hair long or cut it like Alexa's. I feel like I only had mine cut shoulder length a week or two ago but I guess it's been a while as it's grown to that length that looks like nothing. ugh. Who wants blah hair...

Above are some rope necklaces from an incredible label called MAN. The current MAN collection has necklaces, bracelets and belts all made from coloured ropes in bold colours with bolts, twists, and other metallic detail. The upcoming collection is beautiful! It's called Guarani and features agate stones and colours full of nature and wildlife.

I finally got a DSLR camera last week!! I've been wandering around my apartment and work snapping random things to get the hang of it. Hopefully in the next week or so I'll have CLOTHES money again... dying for a pair of loafers (preferably black, leopard or silver), a chunky chain necklace, a tube skirt and some striped tanks.

I recently found a site where you can sell your old CDs, DVDs and games for free to earn some extra cash - recylces them for you. So that might be where I'll find my clothes money :)


  1. Cool post ! Nice photos selections !

    Xoxo from Japan

  2. could you please tell me where the gold and the silver link necklaces are from? thankyou!

  3. Alexa Chung - amazing model, successful presenter, designer, damn what doesn't she do. Sooo jealous.

    Love the pieces you've featured in this post :)


  4. I love this compilation of photos, this style is just so chic.
    Love your blog too! It's great.

  5. Kate - the gold is a YSL from net-a-porter and the silver is from

  6. gorgeous! top quality photos and nice, very nice outfits!

    if you ever have some time, I'd ask you to know my blog - I'm a beginner and would luv to have some advices about my blog.