Mermaid Mystics

Clothing and Accessories from Sportsgirl, General Pants, Zara, Country Road, Topshop, Market HQ and Zimmermann.

So over the weather. Usually I just ride with it but summer is my favourite time of the year - Christmas, New Years, beach holiday, going home, movies, shopping, travelling, sun, sun and more sun. I want it to be warmer already! Hopefully soon.

I'm not sure where or when the whole sequin craze started but a few weeks ago I found myself looking at a pair of MinkPink sequin shorts thinking wowee and all of a sudden I was surrounded by sequins. I bought some sequin flats the other day which are all mad and sparkly.

Found this amazing starfish ear cuff on Etsy the other day. Unfortunately it's been sold so hopefully I can find another one. If not that then starfish hair clips would be cool for summer.


  1. prreeetttyy!I've been seeing a lot of that glitter clutch - and i like!

    Friend in Fashion

  2. Same! These shots are so dreamy, all I want is summer fun! x

  3. love these pictures....the last two are my fav

  4. Love this collection of images... And that clutch!

  5. Love love love these images. Gosh I wish I could be a mermaid - Christmas wish list!