Outfit Inspiration - Miranda Kerr

Top - Alice In The Eve
Skirt - Sportsgirl
Shoes - Topshop
Sunglasses - Sabre
Bag - Topshop

Loved this picture of Miranda Kerr as soon as I saw it... then discovered how easy it was to recreate the outfit she's wearing. 
Over the past few months I've started to see what Miranda is all about and it's somewhat contagious. So health-focused, mindful, positive and uplifting. I recently read her book "Treasure Yourself" which was incredible. I thought I'd find it hard taking advice on how to feel good about myself from a wealthy, amazingly beautiful, successful and incredibly lucky lady... but everything she had to say was honest and true and made a lot of sense. I'm really interested in trying her Kora Organics range. 


  1. This is such a great outfit inspiration! Thanks for the links!

    Lousine Adelia

  2. I really love leopard inspired clothes! They're so beautiful!

    // yourkindofguy.com

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    Let's exchange links.

  3. Great outfit inspiration post! Miranda Kerr always seem to manage to pull off being edgy and polished at the same time. Total style envy! :D

    xx Minty

  4. I've been a little reluctant to try animal print but this is something that I can easily put on and be comfortable.