The Michael Kors Watch

All hail the Michael Kors watch.
It's the holy grail of watches in blog-land, and although it seems cliche to own one it's hard to resist this beautiful, statement golden wrist piece. The perfect addition to a party on your arm, with metallic or pastel nails it's a classic piece you'll wear over and over again.
Just like a YSL Arty ring, Alexander Wang bag or a pair of Jeffrey Campbell Lita boots... you're never satisfied until you own one.


  1. I simply adore this watch - so much so I have bought one for myself (from my boyf!) for my birthday next weekend... Mine is rose gold though, cannot wait to get it!

    Interesting point you have made about comparing it to the Arty ring, Wang bag and Litas... I think the YSL Arty ring and Litas are in a league of their own - you cant click anywhere without seeing them! The Wang bag a little less and the MK watch is definitely becoming more popular...

    Just my thoughts, but a good point nonetheless...


    ps great pics too!

  2. Love love love MK! This watch is such a classic timeless piece as well, that despite the trend for it to be everywhere right now, it will keep with age.

  3. Love your blog! And of course the Michael Kors watch, a staple piece
    -Krystin Tysire xox,

  4. Love all the gold accessories in this post, particularly the watch!

    Scarr xx

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  6. Yeah, that watch is incredible! I've been meaning to get my hands on one for a while now. So beautiful and classy- I love how bulky the band is!

  7. Does anyone know the name or number of the watch in the second picture?