Silver Skulls

If you look at the design of my blog you can kinda see the vibe I'm into and me mashed into a few colours.
I love skulls. Not sure why... I find them intriguing.
My sister bought the large one above for me. It's quite amazing. 
The two skull necklaces are from Sportsgirl and the skull ring (which I wear a lottt) is from Lovisa.
I've always loved Mermaids. Underwater. Pastels. Stars. 
I love this Wet & Wild spread from the most recent Harpers Bazaar Collections mag above.
The singlet is from Sportsgirl. It's so comfy and has a slight metallic finish to it which is cool.
There's one of my paintings behind the skull in the top picture. You can't really see much of it, which is probably a good thing... it's a bit crazy. I mixed plum, lilac, teal and white until the canvas was covered and the paints were layered over. I've grown to like it.

Thought I'd shoot a few things while I'm packing, as I'm moving in less than a week. Just a suburb away but from a studio to a 1-bedroom which is exciting. Rooms! Can't describe how much I miss having separate rooms.

Back to packing I go!


  1. Nice skull jewelry dear...Lovely blog you have...hope ur having a terrific day!



  2. Like the skulls :D Please visit my blog.