The Black Tote

I've been wanting a tote bag for a while now but just haven't got around to getting my hands on one.
Love love loving the Isla Top Deck Shopper bags at Colette. The three above are all $49.95 and perfect. They come with little zipper sections inside so you're not rummaging around trying to find your phone and what not! I can never find my phone as I always carry a black bag... think I need to get a neon case for it or something :)


  1. i am still dying to get my hands on that celine smile bag - only if I could resist life's temptations and save some money! :)

  2. Love shopper totes. Mr BB bought me a Bally one back in Feb and I love it! I still want the Celine one, though. *greedy*

  3. Pretty tote. Just love the choice of fashion to accent it.
    Sophia Vafias Apparels

  4. Ahh I'm so in love with the Celine tote. WIsh I had the money for such a luxurious item!

    from L U A R


  5. What is the 2nd tote? I want it!