The Dark Horse Jewellery

The Dark Horse Jewellery... absolute accessory heaven!
If you're looking for those amazing pieces of jewellery you see on incredible bloggers, trendy celebs and all over Tumblr, this is where you'll find them. With necklaces, cuffs, earrings, bracelets and rings, The Dark Horse stocks the hottest pieces from a range of incredible jewellery labels. I want pretty much everything by CC Skye, their cuffs and spiky bracelets are awesome.

One major thing I have to add is their Take Home Lay-By option. Put in a 30% deposit on a piece and it's sent straight to you giving you 4 weeks to pay it off! For those of you who have to have it now but need a few more pay days to afford it :)


  1. Beautiful! I love your collages girl :)

    I've got a Dark Horse giveaway if you're interested! Enter for a chance to win a voucher for the boutique.

    L U A R

  2. they are all such amazing pieces! will definitely check them out :)

  3. Those pieces are beautiful! I love the neon wrap piece and the wide black leather cuff. Gorgeous! x

  4. I love all these! Wish I could buy.