KOOKAI Autumn Winter 2012

 So many great pieces in the Kookai Autumn Winter 2012 collection!
Above are just some of my favourites from the range but a piece I now own and absolutely love is the Manhatten Skirt. It's a faded black leather that stands out when worn with other black pieces. It fits so well that it stays put when you move, compared to other leather skirts that aren't so trustworthy!
Not only do they do clothing, Kookai also have amazing, affordable statement jewellery. The necklaces are a standout for me.
You'll find your nearest Kookai store when you


  1. those are some beautiful clothes. love the leather skirt and pants!
    think i'll be heading to kookai soon


  2. Wow, stunning photos and styling...I've never heard of this label but am definitely interested now! Great spot finding their lookbook...it's gorgeous :)
    I found your blog through your IFB friend request! :)