I love black and gold jewellery. I wear black 90% of the time so black and gold always suits whatever I put on to get me through the day. I discovered CC Skye jewellery only recently and have fallen in love with their cuffs. When this one arrived from online store The Dark Horse Jewellery, I was in awe as I unwrapped the luxurious piece.

I got to a point last year where I realised my jewellery collection was in abundance, and I thought about how sometimes having just a few special pieces of jewellery can be so much better than having too much to choose from. Spending that little bit extra for something that's going to last is definitely worth it. If you're an avid jewellery wearer you'll know the feeling you get when you leave the house without it... it becomes a part of you. To have classic, special pieces that feel luxurious and mean something to you makes wearing jewellery that much more amazing.


  1. an amazing piece of jewellery. So timeless too, will always stay in fashion!

  2. That cuff is perfection! I love CC Skye - their pieces are always so well-made and timeless x

  3. Love the cuff. I am so in love with gold tone this year too and I totally love the way you add more bracelets to complement the cuff:)))Amazing