Dancing in the moonlight, waking with the sunrise

I've always believed everything happens for a reason. Sometimes it takes me a while to realise what that reason was, but it always eventually makes its way into my thoughts. It's almost scary how things have been happening over the past few weeks. When something you've fallen into sends you crashing to the ground in a way you didn't expect, it can leave you in a daze and state of confusion. I was in that place, and the moment I opened my eyes and realised it was just another obstacle in the path to growing stronger, things started happening. It's like the universe knows when people, opportunities, experiences and everything else should be placed into your life... the perfect moment. It's in this moment I sit back and think how lucky I am, and how much better things are now and are going to be as time goes by and my path is scattered with all things scary, exciting, dreamlike and magical.

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