Chinti and Parker

Chinti and Parker has some of the most beautiful, classic pieces that everyone needs in their wardrobe. From simple tees, to striped knits, comfortable pants, casual dresses, cashmere sweaters, and my favourite... star knits. All garments are ethically made with high quality natural materials. They are currently have a sale so if you're wanting to shop up your wardrobe essentials, now's the time.

I own the Chinti and Parker Breton Stripe Dress in navy & cream and it is THE comfiest, easiest dress to get about in. Also incredibly easy to style up with all sorts of accessories - grey, tan, or gold chain. A definite must-have.


  1. ah such simple yet staple pieces! I love alexa chung in the stripe top!

    x Stace

  2. awesome pieces, Alexa Chung is wearing both of my favorites!

  3. Ahh! What an awesome recommendation!
    To be honest, I am stuck in the cycle of buying my basics at places like the Gap, and half of the time they just aren't made super-well (not to mention the places I am sure they are made...eek!). So this seems like such a wonderful alternative. Thanks for sharing <3

    xo Kate Foo

  4. Oh-la la .. what a coincidence the striped t-shirt, so sailor style, I did not know this brand ... really Rad!!