Cillia Sequin Skater Dress

I LOVE this dress. I wore it the other night to The Iconic's After Party for Whitney Port. It was absolutely surreal standing next to her! I'd say she's pretty much the reason I moved to Sydney and got into fashion. I started watching The Hills in Year 12 and continued watching for the next year or so. When I realised becoming a full time dancer was probably not the best idea, I thought "right, I'm going to study fashion, intern, and do something completely different". And off I went. It's weird to say that a reality star was my inspiration, but it's true :)


  1. I loved that dress, it's so feminine and delicate and your story is quite interesting :)I got a brand new post up on my blog so do feel free to stop by. Am following your blog and I can't wait for more!

  2. I love that dress! Where I can find something similar?

  3. Well props to you for getting to meet your inspiration! Lovely dress too :)


  4. This dress is pretty, and so are you! Go for your dreams whoever your inspiration is!